Two compounds are offered for the final buffing and polishing of InLace inlay material. After the mixture has cured, the material should be sanded smooth, and flush with the surface of the work, working through finer and finer grits of abrasives. Then the Buffing Compound, followed by the Polishing Compound, should be used to bring out the true luster of the Inlace finish.

Thicken-It is very helpful for artisans that are working 'in the round', such as pool cue makers, flute makers, and for anyone working inlay designs around bowls. Thicken-It is added to the final mixture just before adding the Hardener and proceeding with the inlay. The addition of Thicken-It makes the material more viscous, and therefore thicker and easier to control. Please note that a little bit goes a long way, and it should be added sparingly. Gradually, the craftsman will gain a feel for the correct amount to add for their specific needs and projects.

Sample of InLace Buffing Compound.
Buffing Compound
Sample of InLace Polishing Compound.
Polishing Compound
Sample of InLace Thicken-It.